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Deciding that you need hospice Los Angeles for end-of-life care or palliative care is the first step. Next, you have to figure out which facility is suitable for you. Hospice care Los Angeles facilities offer various services depending on your needs. So, you have to ask the right questions and conduct research to find the best fit for yourself. Here are some questions that will get you started.

Questions to Ask Before You Decide

Is the Hospice Licensed and Accredited? 

Hospice programs that are licensed deliver better and quality care services to their patients. Some hospice facilities choose to get accredited to increase their credibility. Make sure to find a facility that meets the licensure requirements of the state and has verifiable quality standards.

How Often Does a Staff Member Visit the Patient?

Hospice patients usually get one visit every two weeks from their hospice registered nurse. Some places offer frequent visits from home aides, volunteers, social workers, etc.

Is the Hospice Medicare-certified?

Medicare or any other insurance adds to the credibility of a hospice. Moreover, health insurance services mostly cover costs for accredited facilities, so ask about who pays the medical bills for the facility when you talk to a hospice representative.

Does the Hospice Offer Emergency Support? 

You should opt for a hospice that is available to provide support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. A hospice with emergency support makes it easier for terminally ill patients to manage their life and illness.

How Does the Hospice Handle Family Concerns?

Family and loved ones are crucial to a hospice patient’s life. The way a hospice facility manages its concerns and provides support determines how much you can trust them.

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Your questions will help you decide which facility will provide quality palliative care and end-of-life care for you or your loved one. These questions will get you started, but to know more about hospice care, visit our FAQ page to learn more about hospice before making your decision.